August 9, 2010

Infertile fun friend

This is my friend Taylor.
We met when I was 10.
She moved away when I was 13.
Thanks to the blogging world we reconnected a few years ago.
I looked at her blog and wondered if she was infertile too.
I mean she is Mormon, married for 6 years, and has 2 dogs.
That screams INFERTILE.
I didn't dare ask her over the blog,
so I waited until we were friends on facebook to ask privately.
Low and behold:
She has scar tissue surrounding the outer part of her tubes.

We have seen each other a couple of times since our pen pal-ing over facebook
and things have not changed.
No awkward pauses or weird conversations, we're still the same. And dang it...
We're still FUN!

Taylor and her husband Darren came down and stayed with us for a couple of days. One late morning we woke up and all randomly agreed to go to Magic Mountain on a whim.

Romney talked me in to going to the scariest rides. All of which I kept my eyes closed breathing in my nose and out my mouth as calm as I could....YELLING
Oh the things I do for LOVE...

Taylor is so mysterious.....just like her tubes.
At least she is consistent.
The boys navigated us through the park.
There were a couple of rides us girls sat out on.
No thanks guys you go ahead...we'll be in the bathroom puking!
However, we LOVED the ride GOLIATH.
Favorite of the day for sure!!!

Taylor and I never had to worry about the "no expectant mothers" rule on these fun rides.
But one day we're going to be mothers, some how, some way!
and we're still going to be
***Lets cheer Taylor on, she had to surgically remove a tube from her last IVF cycle. That darn embryo nuzzled into her tube not her uterus....stubborn little thing***


Heidi said...

and of course you are still FUN! I just wish we could hang out and be fun together! I feel like we are great friends through this blogging world!

Piper said...

Super fun is more like it! I love you guys and your zest for life. Live it up for me, sista!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Once again I LOVE your attitude and the way you write! I am glad you have a friend to chat with that can totally relate to what you are going through and exactly how it feels. I am sure it is nice to talk with somebody that actually DOES understand. I am glad you found one another. Wouldn't it be the COOLEST if you both were pregnant together? I am going to wish for that, exactly that!

Eye in the Sky said...

Magic mountain rocks!!

Christine said...

You'll always be fun! It's in your nature :)

Dartay said...

Oh Erin bo barren! You crack me up, I AM mysterious just like my tube aren't I! We always have the best time with you guys, it's just too bad we're miles away,? but twice in a year is not so bad right!
We ARE gonna be mama's one day, that's for DANG sure, carrot tops or not! ;) You are my rock and I love ya to bits! We'll just keep on keepin' on!

Jenn said...

You are too cute Erin! We miss you guys! Glad you are having fun, like always!

Sarah Hull said...

You are cracking me up! I love that you continue to shine, shine, shine through it all! I think you're great.

Emily said...

Love Magic Mountain and love reading your blog!!! You will always be super fun!!!

sheena said...

You are cute and I am glad that you have a friend who can relate to what you are going through. You both will be mothers someday, I am sure of it. And your children will certainly be blessed to have you. You will be a better mother than all of us because of what you did to get your little ones here. Amazing you are!

DMN said...

Hi, sorry you don't know me, I've just been looking at infertility blogs. Love yours. mines

Christy Beal said...

I remember sneaking into a hotel hot tub with you and amy in college. And although that sounds like a story that SHOULD involve some sort of boyfriend... it was indeed just another night o fun with erin. I was glad to have you back then - and Im glad we're blog buddies now. Youre just great and gosh darn it if my husband wouldnt have tried so hard to make out with you 10 years ago I would demand a dual trip to europe! Leave it to my man whore to ruin all the fun :)

Heather and Dave said...

Thats so fun to go on a whim trip to Magic Mtn. It didn't look crowded at all - and all 4 of you look super stylish. Keep up the positive attitude, you're so cute and totally FUN FUN FUN!!