January 5, 2010

she's infertile too....

Meet my sister Alison.

Meet her darling little family whom I adore!

Anyone who really knows me- KNOWS I am a big fan of my sister.

People who know us, think we are a lot alike. They think we look alike, talk alike, and laugh alike.

All growing up I always wanted to be just like her.

....little did I know I'd get the opportunity...

Alison is infertile.

She has endometriosis!

The problem lies in her fallopian tubes.

I remember being in the hospital recovering from my colonless beginning thinking-

Heavenly Father sure knows what we can handle cause I couldn't handle going through what Alison is going through.

oops. lesson learned.

Alison has done invitro 5 times. Yep 5 times.

Her first three attempts were not successful.

She didn't give up.

She didn't loose hope.

She kept trying.

On her fourth attempt she got one baby. One sweet baby girl.

Her fifth attempt she got twins. Two more sweet little girls.

Yes she had three babies under the age of two....

Alison understands exactly what I am going through.

She understands my frustrations and my tears.

She is the first person I call with good and bad news.

She is the person that says the right thing to make me stop crying.

She is the person that makes me not want to give up.

I look at her family and have hope that one day we will have one too.

Her babies are miracles and there is room for miracles in everyones lives.

Thank you to Romneys brother for that reminder.

I never thought I would be experiencing this.

Didn't I say Heavenly Father knows what we can and cant handle?

Should have kept my mouth shut.

So here I am getting the opportunity to be my sister.

So hopefully our "alikeness" will hold true and

my fourth attempt will be a success too.


Sarah Hull said...

friend, i love you.

I like what Romney's brother said too...there is room for miracles in everyones lives. I've been thinking about miracles a lot this week. I believe in them. I know that the Lord is mindful of each of us. I just wish we could understand things more fully.


Piper said...

Miracles do happen every day- all around us. I know that is true and will continue to be so. Anybody who would argue otherwise must not understand the nature of our loving Heavenly Father. Unfortunately (in our limited view) he also knows what we can and can't handle. I love you and I am encouraged daily by your smile and your courage in the face of hardship. You rock!

Mitchell Gang said...

I love you Erin! You inspire me in a lot of ways. I have never told you that but you do. I hope your holiay season was great:> Now that they are over we should get together again and have a little more talk about Singapore!

Meagan Cooper said...

GO ika and Rika... I am your biggest cheerleader remember!!!!! You guys are going to be parents to the luckiest kid ever. You will be the most fabulous parents in the world. Can't wait until we return to palm desert to see you guys! I believe in miracles too!

sheena said...

I hope so too. Love you.

Cassandra said...

You are such an amazing girl Erin! And miracles do happen, you're living proof of that :) Stay strong, we're rooting for you!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Your sister IS beautiful and yes you two look SO MUCH like one another.
Once again I think you are the best author and I want to pay you to be the author of my life some day because you express yourself so well. I wonder if you could express myself as well!
I hope you can be JUST like your sis too! Keep up the hope, the wonderful attitude, the spirit, and rub hands with your sis to have that fourth pregnancy shot work for you too! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!! Did I say I LOVE YOU because I DO!!!

Emily said...

wow...you and your sister look just alike. I believe in Miracles as well, and one day you will have your own little miracle.

The Texas Links said...

It will happen........
Unfortunately, or fourtunately, there's a lesson to learn (who knows which lesson that is). You will be blessed with those little miracles we call babies and it will be wonderful!

Dartay said...

I have been blessed to get to experience these trials with you. I really think we came together again at just the right time in our lives. We WILL be mama's one day, and hot ones at that! Love you girl.

The Gray Family said...

Hang in there girl! You are AMAZING and you will get there one day!

Rachelle said...


hope this one works!

you are great! miss our little chats in class in good old rexburg.

lacy rane said...

Every time I think about Alison it makes me smile. I am SO grateful that you have her.

Christy Beal said...

Erin I am cheering you on! You guys will get your miracle baby somehow, someway!!! Send me your address (christycrandallatgmaildotcom) and I will send you a good luck charm that worked for me. And dont worry its not magic panties or anything weird :) Although, that might be funny.

kRiStEn_S said...

sending lots of LOVE and PRAYERS and LUCK (hope that's the right sentiment) your way!!!! We love you guys!!

Christine said...

We think you guys are the best...and we're wishing you all the best!

kthom said...

Sending happy,loving,supportive, strengthening,hopeful, and positive vibes to you cute cousin. Aren't sisters thEE best?! I'm right there with ya. You CAN do this! xo-Kari

megan&steve said...

Sorry I missed you at the PHX airport. I hope your delay to chicago was short! You are so sweet Erin.

Megan & Brian said...

You don't know me- I'm a friend of Jenny & Rob's- there was a link on their blog. I just wanted to send you {{{{HUGS}}}}. I, too, have 3 IVF miracles & believe my journey through infertility was required for me to accept & be excited about triplets. Hang in there- I know its hard- but good things come to those who wait. Oh & my hubby is a fireman too!

Lyndzee Ellsworth said...

So happy that you have her. LOVE YOU!!