March 27, 2008

5 months later.....

Well of course we are not done! But are we ever really going to be done? Probably least that's what people say. However 5 months later we have done something. We are finally feeling like this house is more liveable. There are still saws, hammers, and nails all over the place but were getting there. Thank you so much for the nice comments we have no idea what we are doing or how its going to turn out so thanks for the encouragement!!







Again, we are not the microwave. It's still needs to be installed. But its so exciting for us to have a kitchen with running water and a dishwasher. I cooked the other night and it was so fun! We recently went to our storage and pulled out all the kitchen stuff and I unpacked it all and set up the kitchen the way I wanted. SO FUN!!!!!

March 15, 2008

The Almost Finished Kitchen

The week is over and it's time to relax, well I can, Romney went back to work today. We decided to tackle the kitchen. We made a very unrealistic schedule for every day in hopes to finish this kitchen. To our surprise most of the things were accomplished. We are a little behind....according to the schedule but that is okay! It's ALMOST FINISHED!!

Here was a busy week!!

Day 1&2:
Romney finished the outer edge of the counter tops. He did a great job with all the corners too. He then worked on the remaining tile pieces. I guess his tile class has paid off.

The back splash went up and finishes the look.

While the back splash was drying Romney started to paint the cabinets...nice head gear.

Day 4:
Romney does some final touches on the cabinets. Almost ready to mount them. While the cabinets are drying one last time he starts laying out the tile for the fireplace.

Day 5:
The cabinets are ready to go up!!! Romney and his childhood friend Ethan working hard...or just laughing!

Im so excited to be getting this done. All the cabinets are not up but half are. But hey I'll take it!

March 6, 2008


Well I'm not sure where February went but I'm so sorry I have not updated the blog. You'd think not posting for a month would mean that we've done a ton....WRONG. However something did get done. I was able to paint one of the ugly bathrooms this past week while Romney was working a 72 hour shift....(I hate those). But I thought I'd surprise him and get it done. Yeah he was surprised!!! But we do have HUGE plans starting on Monday in the Kitchen. We are so excited to get that finished. We never knew how frustrating it could be to be without a kitchen. Think about it- a sink, running water, a dishwasher, no cupboards, NO FOOD....I am going crazy!!!

One last look at this BEAUTIFUL BATHROOM!!

Childrens Mural is GONE!!! I painted the bathroom. Its darker than I thought but I like it. Apparently I'm into the greens right now. I got a lot of that goin on in the house. I didn't plan that! It still needs a lot of love but at least the first step is completed!

Well our kitchen construction zone is coming to an end...finally! We are finishing it this up coming week. And with that I need a new paint color. The one I picked out and put up looks TOO YELLOW! I want something light and clean. I want the "butter" look but I'm not doing so well. But these are the final colors we cant decide on. The white will be the cupboard and the black is the counter top. Any favorites?