November 4, 2007

I too have been tagged!

Six interesting facts about me? Um well I have facts I'm not sure they are interesting.

1. I love watching romantic comedy movies! Not only watch them but re watch them over and over and over. If they make me laugh and I quote them I'll watch them 100 times. i.e. how to loose a guy in 10 days---so funny! My best friends wedding--classic. Return to Me--can those old men get any better?

2. Having been told by many: I have a potty mouth when I'm drugged up for surgery(which I have had 8). It doesn't matter if the bishop calls to check up on me, apparently I still swear. Whoops. I always wanted to be a sailor.

3. I love falling asleep to the sound of cars driving by in the distance. Its not super busy at night, but the occasional late driver, aughhhhh I love it.

4. I am terrified of Earthquakes!! Living in California does not help the situation.

5. I'm not a picky eater except for CHICKEN POT PIE! I can not stand chicken pot pie. The crust is so gross to me, so yes that includes me not liking Pie either.

6. My first job was at Sportmart. That's right Sportmart I was 19 (It was a summer job...what?) I never once spoke on the intercom to announce that we were closing except for my last night. SO I picked up the phone and said "attention WALMART shoppers the time is now 9;45 we will be closing in 15 min." Um I'm pretty sure I work at sportmart not Walmart...I was embarrassed.


Dartay said...

Erin Link!!!
I was so excited to hear from you! I am so glad you found me. You look just the same as the last time I saw you (were you like 13???) You look beautiful! I am so glad to hear there is another couple out there without kids...we are a rare breed, especially in Utah!
Are you ever up this way? We're in Cali every so often, we just went down to be on 'The Price is Right!' I know, we're weird!
So good to hear from ya, K.I.T. I'm adding you to my friends so I can keep my eye on ya!

Griffeths said...

Your are so funny! I laughed and laughed at your potty mouth comment.

SHIRLEY'S said...

yay! im so glad you did it! its so fun to read about other people! thanks for sharing!

The Texas Links said...

You're hilarious!! I love the surgery and drugs thing. I wish I would have been there to see it. That's something you I could talk about for a long time. Funny!

Hull Family said...

I love learning more about my friend! Those were great. The swearing is classic. I hear you on the earthquake thing. I had to see a shrink about them when I was little. It's almost worth leaving SO CAL for... but "every state has their crazy disasters"... (how many times have you heard that one)?

Shannon said...

I always knew you were a little it all makes sense.

~Pedersens~ said...

Erin you are too funny... i had homemade chicken pot pie last night and thought about you! :] Yes, i did call you....sorry i missed your call, i will call you again hopefully today!

lacy said...

Okay, I knew most of these, exept the Walmart thing! I thought it was especially funny since I drove by Sportmart last week and thought of you!
(p.s. Chad almost didn't believe me that you worked there!!)

jorgstyle said...

Um... you didn't have your first job until 19? What does a silver spoon taste like? How's the house coming along?

Dartay said...

So we are living in Herriman, which is pretty close to Salt Lake (about 20 min). It's just the two of us for now, but we'll see. Nicole and her fam live like 5 minutes away so that's pretty fun. Kenz and the rest of the fam is in St. George still, there are pics of her kids on my blog. My youngest brother Christian (he's I think 22....) is getting married this weekend! Man so I feel old! The rest are all doing and great!
Hubby (Darren) is a financial adviser, loves it and I am an Esthetician (I do facials and wax away unwanted hair....among other things!) I love it though, it's a great job!
What about you? I want to know it all too girl! do you keep in touch with Katie Reid???

Joseph and Brittany said...

So I hate being the person that does this but, I totally know Romney! I was friends with him a long time ago, when he was in his band. I use to go and watch them. I just emailed your sister in law for pictures and was wondering why that last name sounded so familiar. Im glad to see you guys are doing so well. And congrats on the house. Romney is a great guy please tell him I said Hello. Sorry this is so random. Our blog is

kelseyp said...

haha! funny thing. i have had my tree up for a week and have been listeneing to that c.d for even longer. remember how long that took to make that dang c.d with our dial up internet. ohhohohohohoho guess what!! the most random thing. so my family is on vacation in montana and i am in this little tiny mall in jc pennys.. i am pretty sure that i am the only one in the whole store and who do i happen to run into..... ummmmm sorry i keep buggin you. it was so freakin hilarious and the whole time i kept thinking "don't forget to tell erin, don't forget to tell erin." haha.

Anonymous said...

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