October 23, 2007

Water Leak....check

Well the projects have begun!!! I did say that the tub leaked but I might have left out that it was leaking from upstairs through the ceiling. Yeah there was a little water damaged hole so Romney made it bigger and began to fix it. There is a new pipe line and we are hopefully leak free. Final leak check on his next day off.

With this ceiling open now, were going to continue to open the whole section and put up some recessed lighting.


The Texas Links said...

Sounds familiar, huh? Hopefully it doesn't leak over and over. How fun for you guys! It's a lot of work, but it's all for the greater good of the Ellsworths. Love Ya!

=Pedersens= said...

yay for you guys!! you can be glad that Romney is such a handy man!

katandjason said...

oh my gosh--good luck with all the stuff. you guys can have some bonding time while you are scraping gunk and playing bob the builder.

Alison said...

That does sound familiar! It seems like plumbing issues for some never end...may yours be short lived! Good luck!

jorgstyle said...


I hope you carry this color throughout the house... it's stunning.

(note - blogger doesn't allow the text to wrap, so to see the above pictures paste I had to hit enter after albums/)