May 26, 2007

I love being Auntie Erin

I was just in Texas babysitting for my brother and his wife. All week Brynna played Star Wars she called me Luke majority of the time. Of course look at her hair piece who do you think she was? Yep Princess Leah. And I loved the English accent she used while playing Star Wars while pretending to climb Mount Everest looking for jewels. She is hilarious Maggie just followed her around. I had a very entertaining week.

Here is the latest addition to our family. This is baby Cooper. What a ball of squish I love it.

Avrie and Adeline are so dang cute. These girls are so fun. Twins sure keep you busy. My sister and her girls came out from Chicago and we enjoyed the nice weather and blew bubbles.

The best part of being an auntie are all the hugs and kisses I get.

Corbin loves that straw hat. He says YeeHaw when he puts it on. He has a new baby brother, Cooper.

We were down in Texas for Maggie's baby blessing and Caden's baptism. We went to a pretty garden and had a picnic. It was so fun to be together.

Maggie is a ham. She is so squishy. Love it.

I love being auntie Ernie to this little girl. Annaliese is so funny, she loves her uncle Romney.


megan&steve said...

Erin, Welcome to BLOG world... Thanks for setting one up! Sorry I missed a few calls from you, but I really appreciate you thinking of us. I can't wait to meet up in July! We're coming the 7th-13th! Yay!

Meagan Cooper said...

Ohhhh yea, I love seeing pictures of you guys. Mike says Rica looks like an authentic mexi in that pic he is so dark, well I guess he is a hunky firefighter now... what can you expect. Miss you lots, you look like a natural mom. we are up in calgary right now mike leaves tomorrow but i stay for a week. Ne ways, look forward to more blogs. love ya

Pedersens said...

ERIN!! i love your BLOG!! so cute. Still not as good as MYSPACE though LOL :) i might start a blog as well... i will keep you posted. TTYL

Trevor and Marie said...

You guys are so cute. The kids are all getting so big!
I set up a blog just so I could see and comment on all your pictures...
Talk to you soon

megan&steve said...

Erin, thanks for your cute message from the Phoenix Airport!! We are coming to Cali July 7-13 and I hope we can see you and Romney!! Jake wants to meet his "Auntie Erin"

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