May 3, 2021

Imagination Machine

(June 3, 2019) 
This sweet first grader had an awesome day!
A while back he wrote a funny story about a dragon stuck in a tree and a beaver coming to the rescue. 
And that clever story was chosen by 'imagination machine' where they act out the story and bring it to life in front the of the school.
Miles and five others were selected and it truly was so special for them.
It was so fun to watch his story unfold.
He loved how silly it was and that all the kids laughed.
I saw his confidence level increase right before my eyes.


December 20, 2020

mothers day

(may 2019) 
It doesn't take much,
but when I saw this poster hanging on my window-I gasped!
I love love love it!
All my babies hand prints!!!

We went to Grammys house for lunch and ate outside on her porch.
She loves her patio so much.
And we love Grammy so much.

Being a mother is all I wanted.
It is by far thee hardest thing that I do.
It is the most rewarding and the most draining experience of my life.
These kids are my everything.
And I am so grateful to the women who carried these babies and allowed me this opportunity of being their mom.
Happy Mothers Day.

Family Disneyland day

(May 2019)

Romney doesn't always get to go with us to Disneyland so when he does WE ALL LOVE IT!
The older the kids get the more and more magical it gets.
We started the day off at Disney Jr and watch all the characters.

We spent time in Carsland.
These beads have offered endless amounts of entertainment for years!!!
 These two were hilarious in Flos cafe. 

Baby Lane loved the carousal

These two LOVED the Mater ride.
Romney and Miles went on the Incredibles ride!!!!
Miles first upside down ride.
He did it, and he LOVED it.
He looks so tiny in that seat.
My mama heart was nervous but he was so excited.

We got to see Pluto today too.
When things are too crowded or were waiting for our fast passes we like to go to the sorcerer corner.
They like to go see Crush the sea turtle, go into the Beasts Library, and spin the wheels to see different characters appear.

We love Disneyland so much but really love it when Daddy can come with us.

It's always hilarious when Miles hops on the stroller for a ride at the end of the day.

Celine Dion

(May 2019)
Jen Williamson, Becki Mitchell and I made a quick trip to Las Vegas for the weekend so we could see Celine Dion before she retires her show.
Shes been singing at the Colosseum for over 15 years.
We went to a yummy restaurant, stuffed our bellies and had so much fun laughing together!


We were pretty pumped to be there.

 She was AMAZING!!!
Her voice was flawless.
Romney took me to see Celine 10 years ago and her show was quiet, calm and very intimate.
This round was a full blown production!
She is getting ready to tour and must be learning how to put on huge concerts.
It was so fun!
 We sang our hearts out the entire time!
 We slept in until noon the next day, went and got more yummy food.
While at breakfast we were talking about how amazing the show was and that we would totally go again.
Before we knew it....
We were searching for more tickets!
And in a blink of an eye we bought 3 tickets for that night!
We went and got massages, pedicures, ate more yummy food.
We had already checked out of our hotel so we had greasy massage hair, and tried to kinda clean up for the night.

This was the best we could do.
But we had even better seats and thee BEST night.
We sang so loud and got to go up front for a little and we danced our little hearts out.
The concert ended late and we had to drive home so Romney could get to work.
We got home in the 3:00am hour and the kids woke me up in the 7:00 hour...and Romney was already gone for work.


Three things:
1) I'm not in my twenties anymore
2) my love for Celine Dion is still strong
3) best girls weekend ever

November 28, 2020

Lane turns ONE

May 17, 2019 
Lane is ONE.
My baby boy is one.
It is bitter sweet.
It is still so unreal how this little tyke came into our family.
Lane was in freezer for 10 years just waiting to come to us.
So we had a frozen/arctic/cold/icy first birthday.
It was only appropriate.

Lane was thee cutest little Eskimo birthday baby

It didnt take long to figure out how good cake tastes...


Lane is such a sweet sweet boy who is just so happy.
He is walking everywhere-before we know it, he'll be running around.
He loves playing ball. 
He LOVES his daddy.
He loves waving goodbye to Miles every morning when he leaves for school.
He wants to follow the big kids around constantly.
He loves hugging any and all babies especially his size.
He is still obsessed with his pacifier.
His 23 pound body is loving green beans, blueberries, cheerios, cottage cheese, and any marinated chicken.
When he sees something exciting he says "wow".
He is saying Ba for ball and Ma for more
He is dragging books around to read.
He is really good at unloading the dishwasher while I'm loading it--same with laundry,
He unfolds he folded laundry and empties the trash cans.
He loves brushing his teeth with the kids.
 Oh, we just love him.
He really is a good caboose and we are grateful he was willing to wait so long to come.
Happy  Birthday Lane.

Music Makers and PACI FREE

(every Wednesday since Miles was 3
 but May 2019)

Andie is really liking Music Makers.
She is sitting better during story time and is loving the movement music time! 

My friend Rachel uses the church building and invites who ever to come.
My kids have loved going and look for forward to every week. 

It seems like Andie is getting older over night.


And she is now officially paci free.
Cold turkey-it's gone!
This has been the one thing that we couldn't get rid of.
She sleeps with one every night!
We know, she is too old for one but when you have a PACIFIER understand the struggle.
So how did we go cold turkey?
She just woke up from a nap and was groggy...
She went to the bathroom and accidentally dropped her paci out of her mouth while the toilet was flushing. 
Romney was a work and I wasn't going to go looking for it!
I knew this was the window to detox.
I went and found all the other pacis and hid them in my closet.
I told her that daddy would come home in a couple of days and look for it.
She asked for it the first couple of nights and I reminded her that it went down the toilet and we had to wait for daddy.
She was sad on night two but didn't cry for it.
I was shocked there were no tantrums.
By day four she stopped asking for it.
She did it!
Good job Andie girl!


Soccer Season

Spring 2019
Miles wanted to play another year of soccer.
It is easier for our family to do spring soccer!!
 Miles is getting more confident and really trying this year.
He is gettin in there are even scored a goal this season.